Do you ever feel stuck?

Do you feel like if you had more discipline then you’d be able to achieve your goals?

What if I told you it’s not discipline that you need but rather it’s consistency?

Consistency is the simple act of showing up every day. Even when it feels like there is no tangible progress being made.

Consistency is having clear expectations for a specific behavior at all times. Discipline on the other hand is a set of rules that govern the behavior.

We eat consistently because its a regular activity, but we are disciplined when we eat because we use plates and cutlery instead of just burying our face into our meals. The discipline is sticking to the established rules of table manners.

Becoming consistent is the first step in building discipline. When you become consistent you build discipline and discipline becomes a habit and when you establish a positive habit you are no longer expending energy in the form of willpower. You stop thinking and start achieving your goals.

Forget discipline. Embrace consistency in everything you do, from exercising to just being there for yourself and the people you care about and the rest will follow.

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