Remote Hypnosis Sessions

While most hypnosis sessions take place in the Elliott Bay Hypnosis office, I understand that there’s a lot of people who need high quality, effective hypnosis who are unable to travel to West Seattle to work with me, or just don’t have the ability to come into the office. That is why I am happy to offer online hypnosis sessions to my clients.

Online sessions have many benefits. It can save you time since you don’t have to travel to a physical location, and it can even offer additional privacy and confidentiality to clients since you will be able to attend hypnosis sessions in your own home. Best of all, thanks to remote hypnosis sessions, you can still have the Elliott Bay Hypnosis standard of high quality, professional hypnosis that works even if you don’t reside in the Seattle area, or if you have to travel out of town after beginning your sessions.

Online hypnosis sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. Distance can no longer keep you from making big, positive changes in your life! So what are you waiting for? BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION NOW and start living your best life!

What Is Required For Online Hypnosis Sessions at Elliott Bay Hypnosis?

In order to have a remote hypnosis session, you will need to have a computer or a stable tablet or phone with a decent camera and a broadband internet connection. I recommend using headphones to ensure the best sound quality (and to help limit any potential distractions). Also if you are on a mobile device or laptop, make sure you are connected to a power supply.

Download Zoom

Currently, Elliott Bay Hypnosis uses Zoom for our online hypnosis sessions. You will need to download the Zoom client if you don’t already have it installed on your computer or mobile device. Before we have our first session, we will do a test meeting (in the same room/location you will be in when we conduct your session) so we can work out any technical issues that may arise.

need a good place to sit

You’re going to need a good place to sit for your remote session! This means you will need to have an adequate chair, sofa, or recliner to be in for the duration of the session. Something that is comfortable and you will be able to relax in (so no barstools or dining chairs!). A blanket is recommended as well, but not necessary.

a separate room

To have the best session possible, make sure you are in a room where you can close the door to prevent family members, and/or pets from coming to the room. Advise your family members that you will be in session, and they should not interrupt you or make noise outside the room. Make sure your phone is on silent and close all other programs and apps running on your computer or tablet that may interrupt your sessions.

Book your free consultation

Those are the very basic requirements for online sessions. If you would like to know more about remote hypnosis sessions at Elliott Bay Hypnosis and get answers to more of the most common questions people have about online hypnosis sessions, please visit our FAQ to learn more. Or go ahead and BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION NOW and get started making changes that last!